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Aaron lal
Aaron lal

Wondering what the trends in women's fashion accessories are this year for totally rocking that awesome dress or flaunting those cool pair of jeans? Take a look at trends in shoes, bags, belts, jewellery, and sunglasses to know more about what the fashion trends in 2018 are
In our article we talk about the latest 2018 fashion trends in the below accessories:
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Belts
  • Jewellery
  • Sunglasses
Windbreaker style parkas and pull over jackets and trench coats are a definite hit. Bolder colours, pastel and earth shades, narrow skirts and loose-fitting tops, along with everything-denim are this year's style forecasts. Read on for everything else you'll need to style yourself like a diva.

Talking about shoes is the first thing when we speak of women's fashion accessories. And fashion trends in 2018 still see Stilettoes define eveningwear, so make sure you got a pair. Either sequins or Cinderella style shiny, glittery shoes are also quite trendy. Go in for the slightly pronounced heel, but bear in mind to not overdo it! 
Aaron lal

Of course, flat soled and comfort footwear is also popular with sneakers topping the charts as far as comfy and good-looking shoes are concerned.

Fashion trends in 2018 see donning multiple bags as the new hit. So, coupling your handbag with your tote is great. Two or more bags are not a fashion blunder this year so, yay to huge totes!

As far as women's fashion accessories go, picking the right bag is a lengthy affair. But as a quick tip, fringes and sequins are in this year for dresses, and so, they may be a good bet while picking out bags too.

Belts seem to be the veritable style-staple this year when we speak of women's fashion accessories. So, no matter what your attire, you should invest your time in figuring out the right belt to go with it. A belt bag is good as well, so you can always mix it up. 
Aaron lal
Aaron lal

Whenever you think of jewellery this year, think 80's, and that means bolder as opposed to subtle. Oversized earrings and layering of necklaces could be the style trend to lean on this year.

Fashion trends in 2018 see bolder applying to bracelets too, so don't get held up on delicate as far as fashion accessories are concerned.

Women's fashion accessories almost always feature sunglasses and minimalist is the new style trend making waves this year, though not as a rule.

Bolder and thicker frames are noticeable as fashion trends in 2018, so choose a pair along these lines if you don't want to stick to the thin and tiny eyewear look that is doing the rounds.

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