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With a constant change in trends that come in and out, it can be extremely difficult on both, your wardrobe and your wallet to constantly catch up on the latest collections. However, we're lucky this season as we see the biggest trend spill of 2017 into the year 2018. So, if you thought that you would need to throw away those old clothes, you're mistaken. You can be happy and reuse those old clothes and flaunt in with style this season too. So, here below are a few men's fashion trends to follow this 2018.

Time to Gear up Your Sportswear
Did you know that sportswear has been one of the biggest fashion risers in menswear over the last few years? In fact, last year's retro take in the at leisure was more of a 1980s affair, except a few brands and retailers that went even further, taking back time to the 1970s. That's definitely not to say that one would need to begin afresh but like most staples, the pieces will last the season, and anything that looks great is for the keep pile.
If you're wondering how sportswear can be trendier in men's fashion, here's what you need to know. The key pieces for men's sportswear can include a matching two-piece tracksuit, drawstring trousers and a zip-up nylon jumper, tobacco brown or orange chevron prints, in fabrics with details. You could top this look with a vintage leather bomber to ace that ultimate 1970s sartorial statement.
Checks have been a part of the male wardrobe for centuries, and that didn't stop its sensational comeback in the trends of 2017. While a plaid shirt or a checked blazer will always be a great investment in men's fashion trends, the current year will see most designers apply this checked style to everything. From T-shirts and knitwear to bomber jackets and trousers, you'll get to see them all. So, if you went all out on checks in the year 2017, do not worry! The style is back. And this time with a bigger following. 

While you may have been wearing checks all your life, it is essential to keep in mind certain things. Always remember, checks started off as being subtle and today has moved on to be bolder as most men have become much more confident while wearing them. On most suits, a trend for the classic Prince of Wales checks has now developed into a tonal windowpane. 

Besides the retro look in sportswear and checks, there are many more men's fashion styles that have been pushed from 2017 to the year 2018. A few of them include neutrals, wide leg trousers, vertical strips, refined at leisure, printed t-shirts, Cuban collars, and more. So, if you're planning to throw away your old clothes, give it a thought, keeping these trends in mind. Maybe your old clothes are of some good use.
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