Aaron Lal

I am the founder of EZRYDER. I started the company because I was having troubles with my commute to work. I work in marketing and my office is about a 15 minute walk from my house. This distance is too short to drive (have to worry about parking, traffic lights and gas cost) and too long to walk (5 days a week, exposed to the weather there and back gets tiresome after a while). There was the option of the bus but again it would cost me around $6 per day and the timetable was somewhat irregualr. So I thought, ‘there must be a better way’. Thats when I noticed on my usual route to work alot of people had adopted so called ‘alternative transport’. I noticed alot of people were zipping past me on electric skateboards, unicycles and scooters. Thats when it hit me, I have a problem ‘a convenient method to commute to work’ and these alternative transport products provided a solution to this. I quickly did some research and decided that an electric scooter would be best for me. They were quick, convenient and relatively economical. I did a search online and ordered a ‘cheap and cheerful’ scooter from an online retailer. This was when my experience quickly took a turn for the worst. The delivery was two weeks late, then when I unboxed the scooter and took it out for a test run the light and horn broke. While the overall product did its job, there was defects and online retailer was not pleasant to deal with. Thats when I decided, ‘me, Aaron Lal, I can do this better’ and EZRYDER was born.

Aaron Lal is the Founder and CEO of EZRYDER.

I built this company with the vision to provide momentum to the electric revolution and facilitate the shift into renewable energy sources. The world only has a finite source of oil and gas, eventually it will run dry and when that happens our economy will be thrown into turmoil. The quicker we can transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources will be better for everyone, both for the bank account and the environment. If you would like to connect with me on Facebook or Linkedin, just do a search for Aaron Lal.

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