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Aaron lal owner of nature Blooms. He is also a famous fashion blogger. At his online store he always provides quality natural beauty products.

We've been hearing a lot about natural beauty products lately. I suppose it goes hand - in - hand with the "Go Green" movement, and the "Eat Organic" push. I'm actually glad about it all. Any time you can get people thinking and talking about how to make ourselves and our planet healthier, it's got to be a good thing.

Assessing the canvas
So, as I look in the mirror and notice all the changes that seem to be happening faster and faster, I think about what I can do. While there is no fountain of youth, is it possible to improve on what's there, and more importantly, to feel better about what I'm doing to my skin?

There must be something I can do to make my skin better, and to ease my conscience too. After all, I've already felt the immediate effects of cutting soda from my routine, eating more fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods. Aren't natural beauty products the next logical step?

Evaluating the supplies
Yes, the next step should be to clear the junk from my beauty routine as well. My goodness, just look at the label on your face wash, moisturizer, or toner and tell me what you see. Can you pronounce most of the words on the list of ingredients? If I had a degree in chemistry, I may be able to.

Many women are going natural to avoid certain ingredients that research shows may be harmful. These include preservatives, such as parabens, and other ingredients including petrochemicals and phthalates, which some studies show can mimic the effects of hormones in the body or, at high levels, possibly increase the risk of cancer. While the Personal Care Products Council and other industry groups maintain these ingredients are safe, others, such as the Environmental Working Group, point to mounting evidence that consumers should avoid them."

Choosing the proper tools
That's when I decided, why take chances? If using natural beauty products might be healthier, and if the products, like Nature Blooms Advanced Skin Care can help my skin look radiant, then why not make the switch? I like the idea of being safe, using something effective and going green. It makes sense to be as healthy on the outside as I am trying to be on the inside. 

Creating the total masterpiece
That kind of thinking takes me back to what my mom used to say... no one can be beautiful on the outside, if they aren't also beautiful on the inside. I know she was talking about the importance of kindness over beauty, but it's true that we are a "whole" being, and shouldn't focus on just one aspect of ourselves.

She is right, of course. I also think, though, it's ok to focus on the outside, as long as that focus is to promote your personal best, maintain your overall health, and keep the health of the planet in mind. It's ok to think about your appearance when you aren't comparing yourself to others, but simply wanting what's best for you. It's the art of feeling beautiful, and it's a thing to behold if done with the right goal in mind, the proper tools, and the best attitude.

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