Aaron lal || Why Fashion Make Importance in Individual Life

If you are interested in fashion world then have a look on Aaron lal best stories of fashion and trending clothing styles available on Wattpad famous platform for all styles of stories. Here Aaron provides huge information about fashion world and latest online stores for best deals and heavy discount.

Fashion means different things to different people. Fashion is comfort for some, standing out for some, being themselves for some, fit and fall for some and there could be innumerable interpretations. We looked at all the fashion content available for the end user, most of them are individualistic and done really very well. Each one of them caters to a specific taste. The language and style is far from simple which can be understood not just by fashion forward audience but by all.
From a market perspective consumers spend lots of money Annum alone in fashion. We would like all the consumers to be aware of fashion concepts and trends while they spend their money and make informed choices. 

This made us believe that there is an opportunity to bring fashion to all in a simple form of expression. The foundation for us is our values,
  • Transparent (bring reality to the readers)
  • Simplicity (expression in a simple form which many can understand)
  • Inclusive (being a community where people can participate and share their view and style on fashion, we believe diversity of audience by attitude, style, geography and culture is so much that only inclusiveness can bring fulfilment of the objective)
  • Diversity (encourage diversity of ideas)
  • Data drives decisions (continuously improve quality of content through sharing of data with all the participants)
  • Consumer centricity (we will base all decisions on consumer need)
This ended up being first such Top fashion blogs and a platform for bringing best of fashion to all with a view of simplicity. 

In the initial few weeks of launch, we are getting amazing response from readers and bloggers. We intend to provide this platform for amateur bloggers so that they can start in no time. This will enable them to experience feedback from readers and develop their Fashion blogs in the time to come. It is encouraging to see experienced bloggers too contributing in the platform. There are many in the pipeline wanting to contribute. 

We are seeing interest in students, corporates wanting to contribute to this initiative with their original content which our readers could get benefitted. We see this becoming a global phenomenon and borderless. 

We thank all our contributors for giving us a head start to this initiative.


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