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Fashion comes from a Latin word ‘Facere’ which means to build. Fashion is what we see. It is the inner feeling to present yourself. Fashion is a term commonly  used in relation to clothes, shoes, bags etc. Fashion changes with time. Around the world style of dress and fashion is changing very fast. Reason is  people desire to to be different.  Fashion changes from  region  to region. Fashion is the culture of the time, attitude  and habits that are shared by society and are transmitted  from generation to generation. Fashion is the art of application of designs and aesthetics or natural  beauty  clothing and accessories. You can wear  according to profession and character.

Mixing and matching give  us a different and exciting look. With imaginative mixing and matching one can  make even an ordinary cloth look exciting  and can stay unique, providing a person his own style. Navy blue, white ,black and brown  are the best choices as a unique color. We must know what color will suite our skin tone. The top half of our body in more noticeable than the bottom half. The accessories like jewelry, handbags, shades, scarves etc  are important in mixing and matching. A little bit of tweaking with your hair style, shoes etc. also help in changing the look.

You can wear tops ,cardigans and layering piece which can be weared under suits, jackets and cardigans. The beauty of base like black is that any color can be wore with it. The jewelry ,scarves, belts, shoes, handbags should match with your clothes. You can purchase these items in gold and silver color or if these piece are in metallic then it will look more awesome.

Aaron Lal is the best fashion  designer and fashion blogger in the market today. He has bring revolution in the fashion industry  with latest fashion trends. He regularly post his own fashion blogs and videos. He will give you latest information related to latest  fashion  in the market.


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