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Aaron lal
Aaron lal

World where we live going very advance, even we have no time for our social life, because of many reasons, everyone has their own reasons. If we Move in fashion industry we saw 70:30 ratio of fashion industry among male and females, question arise in our mind is that why is it so? We see females are equal or trying to equal with work industry then why male not trying to stand with female in that industry.

Boutiques in our Society; 

As we are familiar with this word boutiques and I know many of us known this word as a female beauty parlour or the place especially designed for females to enhance their beauty where they ready for their marriage, where they cut down their hairs, Question is why boutiques only for females why men left behind in that industry. We should arrange boutiques and fashion centres for males where they dressed and ready for events. Question I am sure arose in many of males us why this nu-equality is that the reason in case of females they earned more or what's the other reason. 

Aaron lal
Aaron lal

Fashion Industry Today;
Like when we see in Fashion Women, we saw that our female generation used pant with tee-shirt, which are the particular dresses made for males in Asian Countries but still females wear jeans and shirts as a fashion, it's clear from that women adopted all way to compete with males then why not males. Why fashion designers mostly designed fashion clothes for women not for men, question is inequality. 

Many Fashion trends for Females;
We see that many females have their own specific things for themselves only. like Mehndi product used by females, If we looked forward in Asian countries we see that it's a most special product for females for any events just like they make designs at hands and feet's, which enhance their beauty while when we looked at men's category we see that not even single product like Mehndi for males. Why is it so? Is it unfair with males? 

Industry for Men's
It doesn't mean that not a single category of  Mens Fashion, belts, bracelets, sun glasses, watches, perfumes, jell and so many other things are the most common fashion things among males. Men's Fashion is not all about wearing clothes which are most prominent in whole society, it's all about wearing descent clothes because in descent look men's look very cool which attract many of females. 

Aaron lal
Aaron lal

Trend Changes in 21st Century; 

We have to accept that fashion industry focus on both males and females but if we see in 1960 and 1970's world at that times fashion clothes mostly designed only for females so it means we have to thanks to 21st century who will remove that difference, but main thing man has to concentrate first for that contribution because if they not want to contribute in fashion industry then no one change their lifestyle. 

"It's all about beauty, beauty of nature, beauty of mind and beauty tips" 

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