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Fashion designing has its origins way back in the 19th century. Aaron lal famous fashion designer as well as online blogger explains some important facts about fashion.

Dressing decides the person's taste and stature. In the current scenario the importance given to fine dressing is not an unknown subject to anyone. Right from a kid to an aged individual believe in being up to date with the fashion trends and ensure to follow the best trends.

So what exactly is fashion designing?
Fashion designing is nothing but the art of designing and creating clothes and accessories. In other words it is nothing but the art of improving ones look with clothes and accessories. Fashion designing mainly depends on the following factors.

1. The social conditions
2. The geographical conditions
3. The climatic trends
4. Lifestyle of people targeted
5. Trends across the globe

In short fashion designing is all about creating a new personality. In other words it is an art of creating and setting a new life statement.

How do we define a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is someone who conceptualizes a particular design, finds the right fabric or texture for the design, gets into the detailing of implementing the design and finally who gets out the final outfit or accessory with the help of his team. A team of a fashion designer would junior fashion designers, weavers, tailors and many more individuals for the knitty gritty things. The process of designing is almost like creating a new life. Lot of knowledge about designs, textures and colors is backed by fashion trends with high importance given to comfort and finishing.

A fashion designer is one who understands the mindset of his/her clients and colours these thoughts with his/her views and colours and gives them shape and brings them to reality. He/she must suggest his/her clients what best suits the client and guide the client with his/her fashion sense.

Growing Popularity

Gone are the days when individuals use to select designs for themselves from magazine pictures and go to a tailor and get them done. Now is the trend to design for oneself the best look and best cut that suits an individual. This trend has led to the increase in demand for fashion designing as a popular course of studies. Many individuals are found opting this course for the following reasons:

1. Growing demand and dynamism in the fashion world
2. Great exposure and recognition
3. Best place for individuals like the glamour world
4. Good money as well
5. Perfect mix of knowledge and style.

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